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Facebook for Iphone

Facebook has released an updated version of its iPhone application which adds support to allow users to watch videos posted on the site, but it does not include support for  iOS 4.0.

One major feature that Facebook did include in the update is the ability to watch videos that people post to Facebook. It’s relatively difficult to find any videos to watch in the app. There’s no designed videos button which brings up a stream of videos that your friends have posted as there is on Facebook’s website, instead users have to wait until one of their friend’s posts a video and will have to catch it in the “stream” before it passes by. This is a fix that they should look at adding in the next version

There are over 50 million users of the facebook app for iphone, many of which will also be disappointed that Facebook has failed to include any of the features of iOS 4.0 which is set for release on Monday. The newly-iterated iPhone Facebook app will not be able to take advantage of multi-tasking and fast app switching. The app also will not be able to send local notifications while working in the background.

More info to come!!!

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