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Backup your iTunes library with TuneSwift

December 31st, 2010

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when your laptop dies or you get a new PC and realise you have to copy all your data across, again, from one system to the other? We’ve found a new piece of software that makes the whole process easier, at least for your iTunes music, videos and other information, and thought it worth metioning here. TuneSwift from CopyTrans takes all the hassle out of backing up and copying your iTunes library.

From one PC to another, Hassle-Free:
If you have ever tried to transfer your iTunes library, you know it takes an awful lot of time and a huge quantity of DVDs. Transfer your complete iTunes library, without any risks of losing your music, videos, apps, audio books, podcasts, iPhone backups, etc. With CopyTrans TuneSwift, it’s just a couple of clicks away.

Switching to a Mac? Take it easy:
With CopyTrans TuneSwift, you can move your entire iTunes library, from Windows to Mac. Format is not an issue. No need to convert, no stressful moments, no wondering if it is really going to work.

iTunes Backup and Restore:
Backup your iTunes library on external hard drives and USB flash drives. CopyTrans TuneSwift allows you to restore your music, videos, apps, audio books, podcasts, etc. whenever you want, wherever you want.

Download TuneSwift now – it’s free until 15th March 2011

To get the free download please use this code: TUNESWIFT-101-BEST-IPHONE-APPS

Apps Jobs

October 15th, 2010

Are you looking for an iPhone developer? Or maybe you’re a mobile apps developer looking for the next job or freelance work?

After creating the 101 group of sites dedicated to mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and other smartphones we realised there was a huge group of apps developers who were looking for more work and an even greater number of companies who needed apps developers to create their iPhone apps.

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